Fuzzwork Market Data

This site is a market data site for EVE Online

It works by getting the full order book for New Eden, once every 30 minutes, then processing it down to produce aggregate data. The code can be found at https://github.com/fuzzysteve/FuzzMarket

Order data is retained for 2 days, so you can investigate the history of an order, to see how it changes between the 30 minute snapshots.

An api will be provided to access the aggregates at will.

The entire orderbook, for a yet to be determined time, will be available to download.

As I'm thinking of moving over to an SSD based server for this, to cut down on the slowdown when the market orders are imported, I've put up a Patreon page. You won't get anything more than a fuzzy feeling, and my thanks, but maybe that's enough?